The Creation of TransConcept

The first project under Calico Group focused on the founding of TransConcept, LLC based in Santa Monica, CA. After combined decades of commercial experience, co-founders Morgan Strain and Steven Brayet created a forward-looking and forward-moving company to revolutionize the last-mile of the transportation industry.

The new company streamlines transportation strategies, by servicing corporate partners with the logistics of moving freight and shipments. One of it specializations includes last-mile delivery, to convey packages through the final leg of their journey—all under the banner and sanction of their affiliates. Additional transport services it offers cover long haul, DOT compliance, FMCSA-safety training, warehousing optimization, territory analysis, ad hoc operations, and more.

Strategic partnerships with FedEx, DHL, GLS, OnTrac, and other corporations have provided TransConcept with great achievements in the supply chain management industry as it tackles the daily challenges of local delivery. Plus, its clients have seen amazing growth over the years as it operates for them in multiple states across the nation.

With core values that build efficiency, transparency, and community, the mission of TransConcepts is to continue to move transportation innovation forward.